Patrice Samek ( In Memory Of)

Patrice Samek died February 12th 2018. She was a transgendered person, Male to Female 24/7. We were together for 25 years. She was an undocumented French National. She lost all of her ID on the BART in 1996. Over the years we went to many lawyers, one had even worked for the INS. Each one said the same thing. Just be quite and live your life. Nothing could be done to make her legal.

The last years were hard to take as she could be quite dominating and bitchy, but I did love her very much! She was an amazing person, very magnetic! She contracted HIV in 1989, while a member of the French Military. She was diagnosed with full blown AIDS in 1996. From 2016 forward she stopped taking her pills even when we could afford them. That led to damage of her organs that could not be reversed. In the end, she chose to die rather then go on dialysis.

It’s been hard adjusting to this new reality. Sometimes I still cry. I miss her!