Making Dentures

Making your own dentures

A number of companies offer do it yourself denture kits or courses and yet others offer to make a full set of false teeth for around 500 dollars. But, how do you know if either of these options are a right fit for you?

Online Dentures for around $500

Although I had a very bad experience getting a set of teeth made online, others have claimed that it’s a very good way to save money and the finished product was excellent. My thoughts on that is this, if you had your teeth pulled in the last five years and have no abnormalities like an overbite, this might be a good choice.

However, it’s quite common for long term denture users to experience bone lose and overbite problems as the plates wear down. So choosing to make your own might be a fair choice if you are good with your hands and patient. The is a small learning curve to making teeth, mostly in putting in the teeth. But, it’s not above the average person ability to do in most cases.

Making false teeth at home uses plaster of Paris, base wax, rim wax, die cast and other such things. When you first try to make dentures it’s a little trial and error, but my course at removes a lot of that and gives you the advantage of my experience to steer you in the right direction.

What are the Pros of making your own teeth?

You can schedule your work around your timetable. You won’t have to lose sleep over a massive dentist’s bill. You can usually get a better fitting denture in most cases and you can use your new-found skills in many other hobbies and crafts. The cost of making 4 to 5 sets of dentures is only around $250 bucks!

The down side.

You will be learning a new craft and it will take time and mistakes to get it right. You will have an initial learning curve understanding all the new lingo, chemicals, tools and materials used in fabricating false teeth. I suggest you watch lots of videos on Youtube for better understand everything.