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Stanley Evans

My course has sold in the following places: New Zealand, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, California, Texas, Michigan, Louisiana, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Maryland, Kansas, Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Nevada and Tennessee!

It’s true! More and more people are choosing to make their own high quality dentures as reported on CNN! The secret is out and saving folks hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the high cost of going to the dentist.

make dentures at home

I heard from a friend that a dentist charged her $380 dollars to make a lower Impression. You can do both upper and lower impressions many times over for $20 bucks!

Let’s face it, the art of making false teeth has been evolving for centuries. Hell, even George Washington wore dentures!

It’s not rockets science and with the advances in products, technology and information, most people in need of dentures that don’t have any unusual underlying medical conditions, can make their own dentures.

diy dentures

I show you how to cut every corner and avoid the long learning curve of mistakes made by those who try to go this route. For a cost of between $230 to $250 bucks for supplies and tools, you will be able to make up to four maybe even 5 sets of dentures for yourself.

With a little patience and persistence, most people can master the art of making dentures for themselves.

You don’t have to buy everything at once. Just buy the tools and supplies you need to complete each unit. Take as much time building your dentures as you like. It’s just like learning a new hobby. You will be working with such things as die cast stone, plaster and wax. The skills you learn here can easily be transferred to other hobbies.

make your own false teeth

I have compiled hours of detailed videos to help you every step of the way. I spent over a 2 years taking courses, watching countless videos and perfecting the art. You will benefit from my mistakes and questions along the way. Therein being able to get on the fast track to building a great set of dentures.

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