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The object of this course is to teach the average person how they can make for themselves, a high quality, basic set of standard dentures for less then 300 dollars. It is not designed to do any more then that.

This course uses a combination of layman and dental terms, the latter only when necessary. Please understand that it is illegal in every state for a person to make any form of dental appliance for another person unless said is a licensed dentist.

This is for the Online Course!

The legal logic behind this is sound. There may an underlying medical condition that would be exasperated by the introduction of a dental appliance without first addressing said condition and only “a licensed dentist can do that”. S/he is after all, a medical doctor.

Under ideal conditions, the art of making dentures is similar to hobby work using plaster, wax and acrylic. But, don’t be fooled. As with all art, there is a vast amount of knowledge that guides the hand to it’s final destination and product.

You are here because you can not afford to have dentures made by a dentist and/or access to free dental care. I completely understand as this is what launched me on this journey back in 2014.

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After taking a course from Garry Rhyne out of Florida, I was left with more questions then answers because I would later learn that I had an Occlusial Mandibula overjet and that’s why, try as I might, the dentures I made for the first year didn’t work. Once I figured out the problem, everything worked fine.

Almost from the beginning I became both obsessed and fascinated with the art of making dentures. I watched hundreds and hundreds of videos! Over time, I spent thousands of dollars on tools and supplies until I finally realized, that my journey wasn’t simply to make myself a set of dentures, but to help others who could not afford to have them made by a lab or dentist.

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To date, I have made around 30 sets of dentures for myself, many as a learning experiment. In some cases, I have figured out faster and/or cheaper ways of doing things for those who chose to do this for themselves.

Recently, I have figured out a way of putting in the lower teeth to perfectly match up with the upper teeth. The method takes more time and wouldn’t be suitable for the everyday denturist or lab processes, but is ideal for the untrained person seeking to make their own. I hope to include this method into the course by no later then May 17th 2018.

It’s funny, after all these years, I just now got around to trying aluminum foil as a flask separator. That alone can save you from 20 to 40 dollars off the original 300 estimate from having to buy Liquid tin foil substitute separator.

Please be sure you read the Terms of Use and Disclaimer first before buying my course. It’s Important!

Stanley Evans

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